We are committed to conducting a sustainable business

The main business activities we are involved in have significant impact on the environment. Therefore, it is of prime importance for us to know, understand and try to reduce the consequences of this impact on the nature and society. We have defined three major actions pillars and organize our efforts into specific actions around them.

Attention to environment

Global warming and carbon footprint are largely used terms nowadays. Industries such as transportation and logistics are ranked as top emission contributors. This is why we have set internal targets to improve our energy efficiency and achieve lower carbon emissions in our operational area.

Furthermore, we have shifted our focus to greener logistics, by developing intermodal solutions based on road –rail setups. We plan to further extend our greener range with short sea solutions.

We did not forget the small actions that we can apply daily: recycling paper, plastic and cardboard at our locations.

Business ethics

Long term partnerships cannot happen without transparence, trust and respect. We go for zero tolerance approach to corruption. Our code of conduct ensures that our teams fully know, share and apply our business ethics principles in their interactions with clients, partners and suppliers.

Working environment

Our business and success so far is the direct result of our people’s work. We have created and continuously support a working environment which welcomes diversity, supports professional development and personal well-being, open dialogue with employees. All prerequisites related to labor and safety standards are met and complied with.

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